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Human Digital Interface

Why SGV?

01. Our Mission

SGV’s mission is to solve complex industrial telecom and IT/OT problems for our clients that create value by leveraging our highly-talented workforce, a culture of innovation and collaboration, and prioritizing safe and efficient operations.

02. Our Approach

SGV is a relationship-driven company that puts our clients’ best interests first. We use the latest technologies to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs but understand there are no "one size fits all" solutions. Identifying and integrating the best solution for how our clients operate is how we set ourselves apart. Leveraging our industry experience and domain knowledge, we work with our clients to understand their desired operational model and determine the optimal solution to operate safer and more efficiently.

03. Our Commitment to Safety

Zero safety incidents in our 20+ year history. SGV does not make compromises when it comes to safety. We work under a stringent ISO 45001:2018 certified safety program and provide ongoing training to employees. This prioritization of safety dictates every activity we engage in. Our safety program has allowed us to work alongside clients with the strictest HSE programs. We are very proud of our safety record.

04. Our Facilities

The primary Operations Center (OC 1) is conveniently located in northwest Houston, TX not far from downtown and the Energy Corridor. OC 2 is in midtown Anchorage and has staffing to support both the Alaskan efforts and the overflow calls from OC 1. Both locations are 24x7 manned facilities that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and were built for two primary purposes.  

  1. Network / Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC) – 24x7x365 Support for clients where networks are monitored, and outages and security alerts are triaged in real time.

  2. Project Testing & System Integration – Dedicated spaces for receiving equipment, secure equipment storage and lab/server rooms purpose built to integrate systems provided by SGV and/or client suppliers.

Additionally, each location is configured to failover to the other in the event of catastrophic outages such as severe weather, region-wide carrier incidents, and other factors outside of our control. This geographical diversification has many benefits and allows for consistent levels of support across our client bases at all times.

05. Our Experience

SGV is committed to a diverse workforce to bringing together varying perspectives to improve upon ourselves and the value we bring to our clients. Our team has successfully completed thousands of engagements in dozens of countries across the globe.


We have significant experience with both the IT and OT environments and understand the objectives of each group. This perspective allows us to effectively communicate across functions and bridge the gaps between the two functions. This leads to the successful resolution of complex issues which enable the OT process while minimizing IT risk.

Industries Served:


Oil and Gas

Rapid transit railway


Car Factory


Radio Telescope Antenna


Sewage Treatment Plant


Cargo Ship at Sea


Sustainable Hydroelectric Power Generation .jpg

Electrical Utility

Wind Turbines


Hotel work desk


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