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Digital Solutions for Efficient Operations

Networking and Wireless

SGV network engineers, architects, and consultants understand that dependable, scalable networks are key to enabling digital transformations. We are able to leverage enterprise-class technologies to architect solutions which satisfy the IT, business, and operational requirements. These include SD-WAN, SDN, WiFi, and mobility solutions.

ICS/OT Cybersecurity

Securing your OT networks and IIOT devices is more important now than ever before.  SGV's field-tested Cybersecurity Team leverages decades of domain knowledge in both the IT and OT worlds to bridge the gap between the two groups in order to create secure solutions which fit our clients' risk profiles and operational models. Let us help identify your cyber risks, develop cybersecurity policies, or design and implement solutions such as secure remote access, OT network intrusion detection, AV/OS updates, or business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Real-Time Data

SGV has delivered data solutions to enable actionable insights for multiple clients across the globe. SGV has worked all parts of the value chain including data acquisition, transport, aggregation, integration, and visualization. Our team has developed a deep technical knowledge in this space which includes delivering mission critical, complex integrated solutions that provide long-term value to operations. This includes integration of third party software like OSISoft PI, Aveva Wonderware, and Inductive Automation Ignition.

Telecommunication Infrastructure

Physical infrastructure is the foundation of all telecommunication networks. SGV has registered Professional Engineers (PE) and telecom consultants on staff which understand the complexities of industrial and field environments and can design and deliver inside and outside plant cabling, fiber to the premises, wireless/RF systems, and other infrastructure solutions to meet current and future needs without rework.

Unified Communications and Video

SGV offers a wide range of voice, collaboration, and video solutions to connect remote users and enable remote operations. These solutions include IP telephony, video distribution, streaming video for critical operations, mobile collaboration platforms, IPTV, digital signage, and many others.

Physical Security

Physical security is a key component to safe operations. SGV leverages relationships with key partners and vendors to design and integrate CCTV, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, and similar solutions to reduce the risks involved with operating these assets.

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