Protect your mission critical infrastructure and sensitive data from malicious activity

Cybersecurity Life Cycle Philosophy


SGV operates under the Security Life Cycle Model which illustrates our philosophy for developing and maintaining various security solutions for our clients. This methodology results in the prevention of security incidents and helps strengthen the resiliency and sustainability of the infrastructure.

Policies, Procedures, and Standards - The core of an effective security program.

Audit and Assess – Organizations must know at least what they're trying to protect, from whom they're protecting it, and how they want to operate.

Design and Develop – Design and develop appropriate security solutions, plans, or policies.

Implement and Deploy – Implementation of the designs developed previously requires significant planning and testing to ensure that systems operate as expected after new security measures are in place.

Manage and Monitor – Ensure the required security levels are maintained

Educate and Train – Without the proper awareness and training, users may inadvertently do things that could compromise system security. Security is everyone's job!

The SGV International, LLC Security Team is comprised of experienced, proven security engineers & consultants with expertise in securing Operational Technology, Automation, and Industrial Telecom Systems for the oil and gas industry.


This team provides three core security services:


Develop the right security posture and security strategies to protect your critical infrastructure based on the way you operate and the threats you face.


Day-to-day compliance and assessment services to ensure your strategies are being followed and are working as intended.


  • Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting

  • Policy and Standards Development

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Policy Compliance Audits

  • Training Programs


Audit and assess your current operational requirements, recommend, and implement the right security solutions for your operation. Solutions that will give you confidence that your critical systems are protected


Day-to-day compliance and assessment services to ensure your strategies are being followed and are working as intended.


  • Solutions Architecture & Design

  • Defense in Layers

  • Application Data Flows

    • Secure Remote Access

    • Patch Management

    • Anti-Virus

  • Project Engineering Support

  • Audits and Assessment

    • Penetration Testing

    • Vulnerability Assessment

    • Intrusion / Threat Detection

  • Vendor Product Evaluation

  • Passive Network & Asset Discovery


Actively manage, monitor, and alert on our client’s firewalls and related security devices and systems. The Security Operations and Network Operations teams provide a single-source, integrated managed service support team for all of your field network and security requirements


  • 24x7 Monitoring & Remote Support

  • Device Configuration Management

  • Log Collection & Management

  • Event Correlation & Notification

  • Workflow Coordination

  • Performance Management & Fault   Monitoring

  • License Management

  • Performance & Dashboard Reporting

  • Inventory & Spares Management

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